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'Beck and Call offers top office support and absolutely reliable local domestic cleaners and housekeepers for all London properties'(T. B., see more in reviews)

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Professional Domestic Cleaners and Bespoke Housekeeping

At your beck and call, we allocate professional London domestic cleaners and housekeepers; we are known for our top-quality house cleaning service throughout London, from Kensington and Hampstead to Greenwich and Canary Wharf. We offer impeccable services and support from our London office and our work quality is recognised by companies such as Savills and Portland Private ( you can read more about us and our clients.)

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You will have a Clear Point of Contact

The besst domestic cleaning in London with top rated housekeepers and office service, Beck and Call

You can visit our long-established office or call us at any time when you want to book a London cleaner or housekeeper. We offer personalized service! We are local, not an online allocation platform or a foreign call-centre operation.

Personal Attention and Advice

We listen, we think, and then we pick the best person as a cleaner or housekeeper for you. We provide exemplary support and the team in our office will follow up quickly on any issue. Last-minute requests are fine with us.

Best Value Offer & Caring Domestic Cleaners

All London domestic cleaners are happy to do ironing, washing, and other domestic chores- we just make sure they have the right skills! It is important to us that our clients get the best deal and that the cleaners are paid fairly.

Legal and Safe Domestic Cleaning Service

We have a solid track record, dealing with properties all over London, from small flats to upmarket houses and embassies. We meet, vet, brief, and know personally all the cleaners who work with us. Our services are valued by premium high-end property agents such as Savills and Portland Private.

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A Full Range of Domestic Cleaning, Housekeeping Services, and Specialised Cleaning

London's top rates housekeepers at work , Beck and Call

The Beck and Call group provide a full range of cleaning services: domestic cleaning, communal Area Cleaning, commercial and office cleaning, green and eco-house cleaning, disinfection cleaning services, carpet cleaning, one-off cleaning, housekeeping, and household management services, decorating and maintenance, floor treatment, party help. We are happy to offer discounts to our regular domestic clients.

You just need to call us or email us. We make sure that we understand what you expect, and we follow up with the most appropriate arrangements for you. If you are happy after the first session, the same cleaner will return to you as often as required. Where there are specific arrangements requested for larger properties and housekeeping assignments, one of our managers will visit you and provide further advice.

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London domestci services- green cleaning with eco products

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Cleaning services details- select a topic or just read through the whole text below

Top quility office support for our domestic cleaning

You just need to call us or email us

We listen to you, we record details and we carefully allocate your London domestic cleaner. We do not make instant online candidates’ allocation, as this is not a suitable approach for house cleaning. We need to know more about your request before we suggest the most appropriate housekeeper or home cleaner for your property. When you call us, we shall kindly ask for relevant details about your property: floors; type of bedrooms and bathrooms; areas where we need to pay attention as special surfaces (natural stone- tiles, kitchen top surfaces, floors); preferred day/s of the week, etc. If you have pets, we shall certainly make sure the cleaner is pet-friendly and aware of any special requirements.

With larger properties with particular domestic cleaning requests, we shall send a manager to meet you and provide advice. When you need housekeeping services assistance, we make sure that the housekeeper or house cleaner has the extra experience, a proactive attitude, and attention to detail. With daily or live-in housekeepers, we provide further details in the household management section.

We agree on home cleaning arrangements and details for your first session:

who is the cleaner/housekeeper, what arrival time, and the number of hours? We are normally quite prompt, but if we believe we may have a better candidate in a week or two, we shall always advise you on this as we place a priority on quality. In the meantime, we can always offer a one-off cover service. The more flexibility you have the better the options we shall have for the allocation of the most suitable person. Experienced domestic cleaners and housekeepers are very busy and they have limited available slots. So, if you are fairly flexible about which day of the week is your fixed regular day and time of the day, there will be a better chance of allocating the best person at the best hourly rate price. Normally, the minimum cleaning session is three hours but we also try to accommodate a fortnightly service at a slightly higher cost (usually fully benefitting the cleaner). A three-hour minimum slot ensures that the domestic cleaning is well done and helps the cleaner avoid frequent travel for short sessions.

You will then have the first domestic cleaning session. If you are happy- the cleaner stays with you. If you are not happy with certain aspects of the house cleaning service, we talk to your cleaner or pay a visit to assist her in rectifying the situation. In the event that you do not want to have the same cleaner anymore, we can introduce a new one. We do not want to lose your custom! We work with over 150 cleaners and housekeepers, we know them well and we have the capacity and will to make things good.

everything we organise for our house cleaning is perfect, Beck and Call, London

We offer ongoing office support.

It is not only about the allocation of a domestic cleaner. We monitor and assist communication at all times and we want to make sure you have the best house cleaning or housekeeping service. We are also happy to advise on any aspect of your housekeeping. For example, if we believe it is to your benefit, we can kindly recommend a new iron or vacuum cleaner so that the cleaner can do more in a shorter time. We can also offer a wardrobe arrangement service.

Vetting, recruitment, and training

Our responsibility to you is to allocate a domestic cleaner who is well-vetted and respectful towards you and the tasks ahead. Unlike domestic cleaning or platform-based companies that register a large number of people and then apply automatic online allocation, we make sure we know personally every cleaner working with us. We also make sure that house cleaners are comfortable with the way they work and that their concerns are addressed. This translates into better cleaning quality and safer and more stable service.

The cleaners we introduce will have relevant experience (hotel or home) and, in most cases, already working for other clients. We provide immediate company references as well as individual ones upon request. New cleaners are registered with a strict vetting procedure, which includes: a) proof of identity; b) proof of address; c) references from other clients and/or a personal recommendation from somebody who we know d) address details- where relevant- of the country of origin f) a thorough registration interview. Once registered, the new domestic cleaner will work with a supervisor who will show best practices.

Our vetting procedures, long-established office address, and track record make clients confident in entrusting cleaners with their keys (95% of the clients do so as most people are at work). We ask domestic cleaners to adhere to strict operational procedures regarding the use and the return of keys. We hold keys for several hundred houses and apartments throughout London and we ensure our clients’ household security is never compromised

Our role and commitment

Beck and Call offers the best housekeeping services in London

Beck and Call Direct Ltd acts as an intermediary between the cleaner and the client. Cleaners who work on domestic assignments are self-employed and are responsible for their taxes. We assist the cleaner with suggesting her assignments, with training and work advice (the client or the cleaner can call or email our office at any time and the message/request will be followed up). We also keep in touch with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided by the cleaner. You can call us at any time with special requests or concerns. We are committed to a high quality of service and guarantee 100% commitment (see section ‘Service organisation’). We also have a commercial branch, Beck and Call Commercial Ltd, where terms of service are different. See more about commercial cleaning here.

All cleaners benefit from our operational guidelines based on good practice standards for health and safety, security, and quality of service. We pay special attention to confidentiality, house security, personal safety, punctuality, operating special equipment and materials, and cleaning of special surfaces. We meet the cleaners in our office or at their workplace on a monthly basis and they can call us at any time. We also seek feedback from clients in order to make sure you are happy with your cleaner and you have quality service. We can assist you with the purchase and delivery of cleaning materials to your specifications.

Cancellation, replacement, and cover

When your cleaner is away or unwell we can send a replacement cleaner as per your request. If you want to cancel a service session you need to give the cleaner a one-week notice (unless there are circumstances beyond your control) or write to us and we shall let the cleaner know. We have a contractual agreement with each cleaner to ensure that she works for you as long as we receive our spread payment fee from you (or- as an alternative- receive a one-off annual fee from the client based on her average weekly assignment with you). Full charges apply if you cancel a session with the cleaner after 2 pm the day before (as there would be no time to help her with another assignment).

Insurance, house security, and safety

We instruct each cleaner who will work for you to be very careful with the chemicals supplied by you and ask for advice (us or you) where needed. We recognize, however, that accidents do happen. The cleaners have an agreement with us obliging them to have public liability insurance that covers accidental damage (with relevant excess). We advise clients to request to see personally the cleaners’ insurance too. It is the cleaner who is liable for any damage caused by unprofessional or negligent work. In the event of an accident, we advise the cleaner to contact our office and the client so that we can assist both sides with the assessment of the damage and find an appropriate solution. As sometimes the cleaner may not be aware of a problem, we also ask clients to report within 24 hours any problem that they believe can be linked to the cleaner’s visit so we can assist in the pursuit of the relevant action. Please ask us for details if required.

Payment policy

The best rated housekeeping service in London

We act as an intermediary between the client and the cleaner- the hourly quote we give totals the fee on a per session basis for us and your payment to the cleaner. Payment options are detailed in our letter to clients. For your convenience, we work out an indication of how much an hourly charge for cleaning will be together with our fee.
The cleaners we send for domestic assignments are self-employed. We also have a commercial branch where there are different terms and conditions and there is full payment to us.

Housekeeping and household management services

We organize placements for housekeepers to work on a wide range of tasks for an extended number of days and hours. Housekeepers can assist in general domestic duties (laundry, ironing, etc) and also undertake basic cooking, shopping, and basic household administration. We can also allocate people with special cooking skills.

We can also provide a full household management service. We can also take care of household maintenance, administrative assistance, party help, and special projects.