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At your beck and call, we provide Kensington housekeeping and Kensington domestic cleaning services. Via our residential and via a separate commercial branch, we offer a full range of commercial and house cleaning services in Kensington and throughout London and W8- for your home, office, shop, restaurant, or school. Our domestic cleaning and housekeeping services are valued by premium property management agents as Savills Knightsbrighe and Portland Private, Embassies, and high-end property owners. You can read more about us and our clients here

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Our Kensington Housekeepers and Cleaning Services

Kensington Housekeepers

Our clients in Chelsea, Holland Park, and anywhere in the area would happily provide references for a range of accounts- housekeepers, domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning. We provide a full range of cleaning services to secure a one-stop service: regular, one-off, or specialized. Apart from domestic cleaning, we have our own carpet cleaning operation, communal area cleaning, one off fight Covid cleaning, party help, or premier staff placements. When you choose a provider it always comes to four main things

-expertise of the people with whom you speak and who will organise the service;
-proper communication and operational procedures;
-confidentiality and guarantees that you have a safe and legal service

We are at your beck and call whenever you inquire about our services. Clients are always welcome to visit our main office or you can just:

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In Chelsea and Kensington, the work quality of our domestic cleaners and housekeepers is recognized as the best amongst many. In line with our ethos and to meet special requirements we also offer green and eco cleaning

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Kensington and Our Kensington Cleaners

Kensington is a premium London area, and it is here where any cleaning company should be at its best. We are quite pleased that whatever area you ask us for- Holland Park, Knightsbridge, Kensington Palace Gardens- we shall be able to provide a reference from a client- be it a regular domestic cleaning client, a commercial one, a client who has ordered carpet cleaning or any other of our services.

Kensington domestic cleaners
Our Kensington Domestic Cleaners: One-off Cleaning Team

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