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Commercial & Residential Services

Antiviral fogging and cleaning – regular and one-off

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We offer comprehensive sanitization and antiviral cleaning services, and coronavirus cleaning, which include spraying, fogging, decontamination, deep cleaning, and special carpet steam cleaning. For your fight with Covid 19 and for your site hygiene and safety, we provide:

  • antiviral cleaning, sanitisation, and disinfection service both for the commercial and the private sector- offices, schools, shops, nurseries, pubs and restaurants, hotels, care homes, cosmetic salons, communal areas, private properties, and other public places;
  • rapid and efficient regular or one-off disinfection and sanitisation spraying/ fogging where machine emitted droplets of virucidal and bactericidal disinfectants and biocides attack effectively a broad spectrum of dangerous pathogens (coronavirus cleaning);
  • expert in-depth manual cleaning and wipe-down for extra sanitisation and disinfection control
  • special carpet steam cleaning (60 C + to kill all bacteria and viruses) as well as disinfection upholstery cleaning.

As a precaution or for risk minimization and disinfection

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Best Cleaning Services Processes and After Covid cleaning

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Fully equipped (PPE) technicians follow a strict sanitisation protocol. Correct virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant cleaners are sprayed/ applied according to the specific setting; for schools, offices, the care and catering sector, domestic, and other specific environments, we can use a product that is non-toxic and safe on washable surfaces with a wide virucidal and bacterial kill efficacy (manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 standards with antiviral EN14476, antibacterial EN1276, and antifungal EN1659 specifications -99.9 kill); where appropriate and for particular targeted areas and environments, we can also recommend a stronger sodium hypochlorite based or alcohol-based detergents (as per EU/UK and CDC guidelines).

Commercial Sanitisation & Post Coronovirus Cleaning

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For containment, prevention and decontamination, we offer the highest level spraying and ULV fogging disinfection service as well as manual cleaning and sanitization service. With the spraying method, we disinfect larger areas quickly and effectively reaching a wide range of surfaces. With further manual cleaning, we ensure a deeper level of sanitization. In a typical office environment, for example, the technicians would additionally wipe down all high-traffic areas, remove and clean document folders, make it all ready for safe work, and regular cleaning maintenance.

Residential Disinfection & Cleaning

For your home or any private property area, we deliver the highest level of disinfection and deep cleaning services. We can deploy a team for rapid disinfection spraying and follow up with further manual sanitisation cleaning. We shall liaise closely with you to establish your precise terms of reference and confirm all treatment procedures. With our work checklist, you will know what happens at all work stages: arrival time, product preparation and product used, targeted areas, and the exact work that is done.

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