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End-of-tenancy, Move out, Regular- Any cleaning!

End of tenancy carpet cleaner in London beck and call

We are a top-ranked one-stop cleaning company for end-of-tenancy, move-out, one-off, after builders, carpet cleaning, or regular cleaning- commercial or domestic- anywhere local in London. If you are a moving out tenant, we want to make sure that your check out is trouble-free; if you need a spring cleaning or just one-off assistance with the hardest chores, as for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, you can book a cleaner for the number of hours you want; if you are a business- we offer commercial cleaning. We offer the full range of one-off services, including carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well DISINFECTION one-off fight Covid antiviral cleaning, fogging, and disinfection

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Local London end of tenancy house cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Prices start at £17 per hour for labour. You can choose whether you supply full equipment and product delivery or we do this for you. You make your own package, and you get the best price!

Spring Cleaning

Get your house cleaned top to bottom. The fridge and oven, the cupboards, and every nook, and corner shall be touched as long as you authorize us to spend the appropriate time.

Moving In / Moving Out Cleaning

You do not rent or let via an estate agent, but you still want to have the property cleaned to the highest standard before you move out or in. Just set your budget and priorities, and we are here to help!

Regular Domestic and Communal Area Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaner Spring Cleaning move out cleaning for houses and flats

We offer housekeeping services, and regular domestic and communal area cleaning for blocks of flats. You can read more about these here:

Domestic Cleaning and Housekeeping in London

Green and Eco Cleaning

Communal Area Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Beck and Call Commercial undertake a range of one-off commercial cleaning tasks including specialised cleaning. Get in touch, and we shall be pleased to provide a quote. You can read more here: commercial and office cleaning

Ad- Hoc Cleaning and Cover Cleaning Assistance

You can book a cleaner for 3 or more hours. You just let us know what help you need: after party cleaning, spring cleaning, or priority areas cleaning- kitchen, bathrooms, oven. You name it, we do it!

Book with us for any of these services: end of tenancy cleaning, move out/ move-in cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, after builder cleaning, after party cleaning, ad hoc support, carpet, and upholstery cleaning.

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We email you instant company references that demonstrate our reputation and reliability. We have carried out thousands of one-off assignments over the years; this has helped us win a lot of repeat and regular weekly cleaning clients. We shall do our best for you too!

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The Service Process Explained

Move-In or Move Out Cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Spring Cleaning

end-of-tenancy cleaners in London in a London home

Spring-cleaning and end-of-tenancy services start from £16/17 per hour charge with a possible discount if you order carpet cleaning as well. Check our carpet cleaning prices in the Get a Quote section. The same charges apply for Saturday and Sunday. There is a minimum of 3hrs per visit Mon-Sat and 4hrs on Sunday. Payment is according to the number of hours the cleaners have worked. We are quite confident in what we can achieve as we work with estate agents and we do many spring cleanings.

For spring cleaning you can fix the number of hours and we do the optimum within the allowed time. We can use your cleaning materials or we can organize delivery from a provider with a full set of equipment and materials. The cost of delivery for a full set of equipment and materials is £45. The hourly charge approach works out cheaper for the client and helps us be very competitive. We make sure we send experienced people who are efficient and optimize the time in your favour. Please read further details below especially if you need end-of-tenancy cleaning.

After builders, end of tenancy one-off cleaners in London in a commercial building, Beck and Call

Normally and, depending on the number of hours available, a cleaning would include:
• Kitchen: oven, fridge, freezer, cupboards, sinks, etc. For best results, the freezer and fridge need to be defrosted in advance.
• Bathrooms- tiles, glass surfaces, bath
• Windows- upon request the cleaners can also do the interior of the windows if they are within reasonable reach.
• Stains on the wall- upon request only and where possible.
• General- dusting, vacuum cleaning, etc + anything you wish us to organise!
• Priorities- we can also follow your priorities if there are strict hourly limits or areas that do not need attention.

Usually, we agree on a basic number of hours and then the cleaner/s has/has the flexibility to stay longer if needed. We expect that the maid/s will have access and then somebody will come, check the work, and verify the number of hours. This is especially important for the end-of-tenancy cleanings. You also need to let us know whether you wish us to provide a full set of equipment and chemicals

End-of-tenancy check list and full deep cleaning services beck and call

VERY IMPORTANT! If you are a tenant and your landlord/ Inventory Company requires extra cleaning we are happy to send a cleaner back. Charges apply at all times, as we do not give you high fixed quotes with free return or refund options. We ask the client to check after the cleaning. We cannot guarantee that there will not be issues or problems identified in an inventory report. However, we have a commitment to send a cleaner back within 24 hours after a reported problem. A reduced charge of £14 will be applied if you had authorized us to work as many hours as needed; a full hourly charge plus delivery will apply if you have authorized only a fixed number of hours for the cleaners. Please make sure to communicate to your landlord that your cleaning company will come to rectify within 24 hours any problems they or their estate agent might have highlighted; this is to avoid situations where a small problem is used as an excuse to keep the deposit or charge very highly for a third company follow-up visit.