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Eco Cleaning- What Is This About?

Beck and call offer green cleaning and eco cleaning services throughout London, from Kensington and Hampstead to Greenwich and Canary Wharf. All cleaners work with natural and eco-friendly methods and products. All chemicals are avoided, especially where there are specific health and other requirements- replaced entirely. Here is how it works.

London Eco Cleaner- Beck and Call Cleaning Services

We listen to you

There are no universal formulas! We encourage clients to speak to us. You may have health concerns that prohibit the use of certain products or you may want to have a nature-friendly lifestyle.

Product choice and advice

We shall provide correct tailor-made advice after we have listened to you. We have standard information (see below), but we recommend to you the most appropriate service and product selection.

Costs and service delivery

Only some of the 140 cleaners with whom we work are trained to follow specific green cleaning requirements. They would normally expect a small hourly charge premium. Please be aware that some extra time may be required when a standard powerful chemical is replaced by a milder or natural product.

Your London Eco Cleaning

It all comes to proper operatives’ experience, awareness, and product use selection. We can help you order specific products; alternatively, we can do this for you or the cleaner will bring what is needed. The green and eco-cleaning approach require clients’ feedback. We deliver what we have worked out together with you as the best solution for your home or business.

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We provide additional product and process information further below.

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Product and Other Relevant Information. Resources.

Clients need to distinguish between natural and environmentally friendly products. There are also these products that are neither of the above but are less harmful to your health. Finally, there are products and tools that can be avoided. We list below a few examples.

Natural Products

There is now an abundance of resources on natural cleaning products. There are one source outlets for many of them, but mainstream supermarkets are starting to sell a lot of these product too. We give only a few examples below:

Soda crystals (can be in liquid form)

You can clean mould and limescale, kitchen surfaces and grease, tiles

Soda bicarbonate

It is a mild abrasive and it can clean well without causing scratches. You can use it on any chrome, aluminium or other surfaces. It is also an excellent natural deodoriser

Citric Acid

This is also another natural descaler, which can be used for your kettle, washing machine, steam irons, even for your toilet bowl.

White Vinegar

Excellent for cleaning windows, mirrors, other glass surfaces. It is also good for treating urine stains and as a deodoriser. When you add all purpose vinegar spray- you get an excellent mixture for your dishwasher cleaning.

Environmentally friendly products

The use of nature-friendly products is a trickier area. It is just enough to read one article and be more cautious: So, look for products that have some advantages over standard one in terms of degradability and have a lower concentration of harmful elements. Ecover and Method are most recognized brands, which try to optimise results. But, as per the article above, bear in mind: ‘In the case of Ecover's loo cleaner and washing tablets, the report found there was not enough evidence to suggest they had a significantly different impact on aquatic life than the market leader.’

There are also these products that cause less irritation to skin, eyes and so, they are better for your health but they are not organic and they cannot be described necessarily as more nature-friendly. Here, all can follow some basic rules: a) fragranced household products, such as air fresheners and especially plug-in ones; b) avoid dry cleaning products and treatments when, for example, you can take your curtains down and get them washed with water and very mild detergents; c) liquid dish washing detergents can be replaced with natural products; d) all window and kitchen surface cleaners can be easily replaced with natural products (see above).

Environmentally friendly place

• Use your dishwasher when it is at least partially full. Save energy by avoiding pre-rinsing
• Instead of chemicals, opt for 100 essential oils and non-aerosol scents.
• Use microfiber mops and colour-coded cloths that use less water and cleaning materials, and help prevent cross-contamination.
• Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (save energy)
• Unplug your TV when not in use