London Property Maintenance

Floor Polishing, Decorating, Rubbish Removal. Any Task!

We have a pool of reliable self-employed qualified tradespersons and suppliers for general and specialised household maintenance with whom contact has been built up over the years. Window cleaners, decorators, plumbers, and builders are keen to work with us, as we have a strong customer base, who use regularity our services. We vet and test workers and we monitor performance. We negotiate deals, and we do not compromise on quality. The teams we work with can assist you with:

Part of our team manages our cleaning services while another part maintains a database of service suppliers from a wide range of areas. We identify, select, check and negotiate deals with them. Services are tested and we have built up a most successful partnership with many homeowners. On the housekeeping side, we work with 140 vetted people who we know well and many of the worker are happy to do a range of chores.

Whether you want to organise a special party or you need somebody to help with decoration and repair, we can provide guidance every step of the way. If you desperately need to find a nanny when you are away or your nanny is ill, we shall offer either one of the people we already work with or a person with references from a reputable agency for your area. For you, we can interview and vet staff or we can provide translation and secretarial support.

Please see a list of services we can help you with or read further where we have provided a link:

  • Party Help – waiters, cooks, general assistance
  • Maintenance Work – decorators, handyman, carpenters, floor polishing.
  • Dog Walking – a service with utmost care and love
  • Evening Nanny Help – someone we trust will help
  • Carer assistance
  • Others: your name it, we do it!

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If you need assistance, Mr Call, your butler, is always at your beck and call. Our product is purely and simply expertise, knowledge and time. Call us or contact us here and we shall give a quote. There are no joining fees and you pay only for what you have asked to be done.