Party Help for Your Home or Office

Waiters, Cooks, General Catering, Venue Bookings

Our team members have hospitality background, which has helped us develop our catering expertise to offer personalised service to homes and offices. We have interviewed, selected and tested the skills of waiters, cooks, bartenders, DJs and restaurant managers. Some of them already work with us as cleaners/ housekeepers; some are in our database as available on ad hoc basis.

If you want to host a small garden party, we can provide friendly, yet professional waiter. If you want to organise a more formal dinner party we can provide a cook, silver-service waiters, security, DJ and/or musicians. We can provide cooks for specific national dishes or waiters who speak languages of your choices words deleted.

We have some excellent flower and party designers too.

We provide assistance for events in your home, office or garden. Alternatively, we can book rooms at a range of budget or premium London venues. Take advantage of our expertise.

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