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At your beck and call, we provide London communal areas cleaning and any commercial or residential cleaning, regular or one-off. We work with large commercial landlords and leaseholders, resident associations, estate agents, property management companies, and other clients. You can come across our communal area cleaners in business centers, large residential properties, blocks of flats, sports clubs, town halls, public organisations.

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We are experienced operators with an excellent track record (you can read more about us and our clients here). When you ask us for a quote, we shall pay a free no-obligation visit and also provide advice on how we believe your communal area cleaning can be organised in the best way. Clients work with us for years for a number of reasons:

-we offer the full spectrum of commercial and residential cleaning services, so if the need arises you can organise these immediately and at a discount (more about our Office and Commercial Cleaning in London, as well as Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning and Housekeeping )

-we offer a service that is both stable and flexible to match your operational needs and, possibly, changing circumstances (budgetary or influenced externally)

– we have excellent operational procedures, a hands-on approach, and a system of immediate reaction to problems- at the office level and with personal supervision.

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London communal areas cleaning checklist

 What we do, very much depends on the setting- whether this is a shop, a block of flats, a sports centre, etc. In any instance, we shall certainly make sure we do the following:

-special attention for cleaning and disinfection of high traffic areas

-careful floor cleaning with the correct liquids and frequent changes of water

– special attention to banisters and visible areas

– cleaning it all doors, radiators, windows, skirting boards, etc

– professional carpet cleaning (we have our own service in addition to standard vacuum cleaning)

– taking care of rubbish

– extra services to include large bin cleaning, change of light bulbs, etc