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Beck and Call Commercial Ltd is a company with top-ranked commercial cleaning services, which range from pub and restaurant cleaning to specialist cleaning such as antiviral disinfection cleaning and fogging services, restaurant carpet cleaning, and floor polishing. We provide the best contract cleaning service- regular or one-off- for the F&B sector- pub cleaning, restaurant cleaning, brasserie cleaning, Cafes, or any F&B cleaning. Our managers have a strong hospitality background and understand well the operational and cleaning aspects of the hospitality business. Further to that, we have established excellent work procedures and we have a workforce structure, which enables us to offer a stable, consistent, and trouble-free service for your restaurant.

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We shall listen to you, organize a free no-obligation visit, provide relevant advice, and offer a trial service. It is up to us to make you stay with us! At a time of uncertainty, we provide a service that is both stable and flexible to match your operational requirements.

Whether you need an immaculate top-of-the-range restaurant cleaning service like the one we provide at the Michelin star Le Gavroche or a flexible and reliable service for pubs and similar properties, we shall always do our best for you!. Our immaculate track record and client list are the best guarantees for a service that you can book with confidence.

We offer cleaning services to pubs, restaurants, bars, brasseries, chain shops, and any casual or fine dining establishments. You can find out more about our commercial cleaning services by following this link.

Cleaners’ tasks- restaurants, pubs, and others

Careful cleaning in an F & B restaurant environment. London. Beck and Call

A cleaning checklist will be in place at each premise where we operate. There are standard tasks applicable to all places. Typically, in restaurants and pubs, for example, owners or GMs would require that we do the following cleaning toilet, cleaning service area (mopping, vacuum cleaning, etc), cleaning front doors and special services. Tabletops and kitchen areas are usually done by staff, but we are flexible to take on board any specific extra requirement. Before we start we always recommend a deep cleaning, which is offered the same price as the regular cleaning.

We are a professional cleaning company, we know what we do and how we can achieve efficient results. The rest is good coordination with you, quality supervision, and reliability- with good cleaners and proper office management. We guarantee all of these!

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We cover all types of F&B cleaning

– fine dining restaurant cleaning
– casual dining restaurant cleaning
– fast food restaurant cleaning
– cafes cleaning
– brasserie cleaning
– bar cleaning
– pub cleaning
any commercial cleaning

pub and restuarant cleaners

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You can see below our basic cleaning task list

- All tables and chairs need to be sanitized and clean.
- All the tables have to have the proper set up put back (salt, pepper, other items)
- Dining room floors have to be carpet. If there is carpet it has to be vacuum cleaned
- For specific hard floor surfaces, cleaners can mop the floors or spreading washing mixture and use water suction enabled vacuum cleaner.
- All glass areas to be cleaned.
- All countertops dusted and cleaned
- Clean point of sale area
- Clean bartender area as specified with managers
- All sinks in main restaurant areas cleaned.
- Wipe all skirting boards, doors, etc.
- Empty all bins
- Clean toilets
Other tasks as agreed with management.