Tips to Clean and Shine Laminate Floors

Sweeping a laminate floor is a mistake. You need a dry dust mop, or a vacuum cleaner to get the job done. Regular brooms will leave behind too many particles. Particles mix with the wet mop and get spread around on the floor. At best they’ll leave streaks and residue behind. At worst, they’ll scratch and pit the surface of your floor. If you do decide to use a vacuum cleaner, a machine that has an on/off brushroll button or a hard floor setting will be best.

Don’t use too much cleaner. Using too much soap is tempting when you really want something clean, but all it does is leave a residue behind that dulls the finish of the floor. The residue is the leading cause of dull looking laminate floors.

Liquid isn’t good for laminate. Try only spraying as much as you need on a section of the floor as you mop. If a lot of water or liquid is left behind after you mop a spot, you’re using too much. The floor should be able to dry on its own within 1-2 minutes of you mopping it.
Buff the floor to shine it.

If you really want to make sure that your floor shines, you’ll need to take a few minutes to buff it dry. Try using an absorbent cleaning cloth or mop head. Cloth diapers and microfiber cleaning cloths make the best buffing rags. Gently buff the floor to a nice shine.