The Right Order to Do Cleaning Chores

1. Let Appliances and Cleaning Products Do the Hard Work
When you start in on a session of doing chores, load the dishwasher and start a load of laundry so that the appliances are working while you do something else.
Next, head to the bathroom or kitchen where you may have some heavy cleaning to do. Get a head start by spraying cleaning products on soap scum, toilet stains, or greasy ovens. Give the cleaning products time to work and cut through buildup while you do other things.

2. Tidy Up First Before Cleaning
If a room is filled with stacks of papers, toys, or piles of clothes, cleaning floors and surfaces becomes much harder. Start in one corner and methodically work around the room straightening or picking up anything that is out of place.

3. Pick a Room and Stick With It.
Always clean a room from the ceiling to the floor so that dust doesn’t fall on an already clean surface.
Try to plan your cleaning times so that tasks can be finished completely once you begin.