How to clean your piano

The first step in patio cleaning is preparation: remove any objects from the surface or the patio, then, mix your chosen cleaning product (check the label – generally one cup of bleach, cleaner, or soda crystals) with a bucket of hot water. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to start:

Hose down the whole area first. Even if you haven’t secured a pressure washer, this will make the whole process somewhat easier.
Using a stiff brush, thoroughly scrub down the entire patio area with your cleaning solution.
Leave for five to ten minutes and then vigorously rinse the surface with your hose, or pressure washer.
Protect your flowerbeds. Take care not to let any of the cleaning solution spill over onto lawns or flowerbeds: many of the products suitable for this type of cleaning will kill grass and flowers – although the chemicals do help to remove weeds from between your patio stones!