How to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds

Check the blinds to see if there are any spots or stains.

Remove the stains by rubbing a paper towel on the affected area. If they are difficult to remove, then you may use a wood cleaner before moving on to clean the blinds.

Close the blinds to make them flat and then, dust them with a light feather, microfiber, or wool duster. While dusting, prefer to brush downward rather than upward otherwise the slats may become unhooked.

Wipe each slat with a soft dry cloth or a paper towel.

After cleaning along one side of the slat, twist the rotating drum/adjusting rod to turn the slat or simply tilt the slat to clean the other side, too. So, clean both the sides of the slats in this way. If the blinds are too dirty, then spray a little oil soap on the blinds and wipe them down to make them look clean and shiny. Another way to make the wooden blinds appear shiny is to dab dilute wood cleaner on each slat.