How to Clean Ink Stains out of Leather

Spray the tip of a cotton swab with hairspray. Once it is wet, rub the tip of the cotton swab on the stain. Wipe clean and repeat as needed.

Try using a leather shampoo or a leather ink remover for removing ink stains from leather items. If this does not work, put a little white sunscreen or any face cream and a few drops of white vinegar on a clean cotton cloth, and try to remove the stain with it.

For tough ink stains, you may use a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit and rub a moisturizer afterwards.

You may put Vaseline on the affected area liberally, spray a hairspray on a clean cloth, and rub it on the stain. If the stain is old and resistant to treatment, you may have to get the leather re-dyed professionally.

Professional cleaning:
The above is a DIY advice for small leather surfaces. If you need professional leather cleaning for your sofa or other surfaces, please see our carpet and upholstery services.