Cleaning Checklist

Quick Cleaning Checklist

This quick clean checklist will work for impromptu guests and for planned overnight guests as well.

Wipe mirrors in bathrooms.
– Fluff pillows and throw blankets.
– Wipe off kitchen appliances — get those hand prints and food spills wiped up.
– Do a quick dust of your home – a microfiber duster works great for this.
– Pick up the entryway — remember to create places to put coats, shoes, and boots.
– Quickly declutter the main living spaces — grab a laundry basket to stash any items in until you have a couple minutes to put them away.
– Vacuum or sweep up any noticeable crumbs in the kitchen area.
– Wipe down counters and tables — a damp cloth will work in a pinch.
– Place any dishes in the sink or dishwasher.
– Wipe down any bathroom sink(s) that guests will use, and put out fresh bathroom towels.
– Vacuum main carpeted areas, and do a quick wash of any floors.