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Service specification, booking procedures
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  Maids: vetting, recruitment, training, status and house security  

Our role and commitment  

Service organisation: supervision, quality control, operational guidelines  

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We take pride in our range of domestic services.

Clients choose us because:

• we provide the assurance of a long established open door London office

• we have a solid track record with addresses ranging from Kensington Palace Gardens properties to small flats anywhere in London

• all cleaners are well vetted, trained and obliged to have personal insurance

• we operate at a small margin so that cleaners receive higher payment by the clients

• you cleaner can iron & do other domestic chores- we just make sure the skills are there!

• we monitor communication and we respond quickly and positively

• last minute requests are fine with us

• we offer full housekeeping, household management and property services

• we provide a discount on our affiliated services: carpet cleaning, decorating and carpentry

You just need to call/ email us. We listen to you, we record details and we suggest a cleaner. You will than have a first session and if you are happy the cleaner stays with you. You are not bound by any period of trial time. When there are specific larger properties and terms of service we are happy to send a manager who can provide further advice.

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Service specification, booking procedures and cleaner allocation

When you call us we will ask for the following details: the size of your property, its location, cleaning instructions, special surfaces (natural stone, etc), preferred day/s of the week and any other relevant information.

We discuss with you details and give our recommendations. We listen to your terms of reference, we allocate a cleaner, you have a first session and if you are happy you continue to use the cleaner's services.

If you are not happy with certain aspects of the service, we talk to your cleaner or pay a visit to assist her in rectifying the situation. In the event that you do not want to have any longer the same cleaner, we can introduce a new one. Normally the minimum cleaning session is three hours but we also try to accommodate fortnightly and two hours' service at a slightly higher cost (usually fully benefitting the cleaner). A three-hour minimum slot ensures that the job is well done and helps the cleaner avoid frequent travel for short sessions.


Maids: vetting, recruitment, training, status and house security

Our responsibility to you is to allocate a cleaner for you who is well vetted and respectful towards you and the tasks ahead. The cleaners we introduce will have relevant experience (hotel or home) and- in most cases- already working for other clients. We provide immediate company references and individual ones upon request. New cleaners are registered with a strict vetting procedure, which includes: a) proof of identity; b) proof of address; c) references from other clients and/or a personal recommendation from somebody who we know d) address details- where relevant- of country of origin f) a thorough registration interview. Once registered, a new cleaner will work with a supervisor cleaner who will show good practice.

Our vetting procedures, long established office address and track record make clients confident in entrusting cleaners with their keys (95% of the clients do so as most people are at work). We ask cleaners to adhere to strict operational procedures regarding the use and the return of keys.


Our role and commitment

Beck and Call Direct Ltd acts as an intermediary between the cleaner and the client. Cleaners who work on domestic assignments are self-employed and are responsible for their taxes. We assist the cleaner with suggesting to her assignments, with training and work advice (the client or the cleaner can call or email our office at any time and the message/request will be followed up). We also keep in touch with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided by the cleaner. You can call us at any time with special requests or concerns. We are committed to a high quality of service and guarantee 100% commitment (see section ‘Service organisation'). We also have a commercial branch Expert London Cleaners ltd where terms of service are different (please read about our commercial cleaning).


Service organisation: supervision, quality control, operational guidelines

All cleaners benefit from our operational guidelines based on good practice standards for health and safety, security and quality of service. We pay special attention to confidentiality, house security, personal safety, punctuality, operating special equipment and materials, cleaning of special surfaces. We meet the cleaners in our office or at their work place on a monthly basis and they can call us at any time. We also seek feedback from clients in order to make sure you are happy with your cleaner and you have a quality service.

We can assist you with the purchase and delivery of cleaning materials to your specifications.


Cancellation, replacement, cover for holidays and illness

When your cleaner is away or unwell we can send a replacement cleaner as per your request. If you want to cancel a service session you need to give the cleaner a one-week's notification (unless there are circumstances beyond your control) or write to us and we shall let the cleaner know. We have a contractual agreement with each cleaner to ensure that she works for you as long as long as we receive our spread payment fee from you (or- as an alternative- receive one off annual fee from the client based on her average weekly assignment with you).


Insurance and safety

We instruct each cleaner who will work for you to be very careful with the chemicals supplied by you and ask for advice (us or you) where needed. We recognise, however, that accidents do happen. The cleaners have an agreement with us obliging them to have public liability insurance which covers accidental damage (with relevant excess). We advise clients to request to see personally the cleaners' insurance too. It is the cleaner who is liable for any damage caused by unprofessional or negligent work. In the event of an accident we advise the cleaner to contact our office and the client so that we can assist both sides with the assessment of the damage and finding an appropriate solution. As sometimes the cleaner may not be aware of a problem, we also ask clients to report within 24 hours any problem that they believe can be linked to the cleaner's visit so we can assist in the pursuit of relevant action. Please ask us for details if required.


Payment policy

We act as an intermediary between the client and the cleaner. You pay us a fee on per session bases and you pay the cleaner. Payment options are detailed in our letter to clients. For your convenience we work out an indication of how much an hourly charge for cleaning will be together with our fee.

The cleaners we send for domestic assignments are self-employed. We also have a commercial branch where there are different terms and conditions and there is full payment to us.


Housekeeping and household management services

We can provide experienced housekeepers to work on a wide range of tasks for an extended number of days and hours. Housekeepers can assist in general domestic duties (laundry, ironing, etc) and also undertake basic cooking, shopping and simple household administration. We can also allocate people with special cooking skills.

Alternatively, we can provide a full household management service. For example, we can provide a maid who will undertake a wide range of tasks (cooking, shopping, etc) and we can also take care of household maintenance, administrative assistance, party help and special projects. For full details, please refer to website heading (above) 'Other Services'.


Contact us and book a service.

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