London Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Sealed Floor Cleaning, Floor Polishing, Floor Renovation

Wooden floor and polishing, ceramic and natural stone polishing, vinyl and linoleum polishing

We offer all types of hard floor cleaning. This includes: wooden floor cleaning; tiles/ ceramic and natural stone floor cleaning and polishing; vinyl and linoleum floor cleaning and polishing.

There are three essential elements to any professional service: expertise, equipment and integrity.

We use most up to day machinery to achieve best results. The technicians who would come to your place will have experience with all kind of work. We have been carrying out hundreds of assignments throughout London in private homes, schools, nurseries, premier upscale properties.

Any floor cleaning or polishing work is preceded by careful assessment so that the technician can suggest the best method.

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There are number of methods, which we can offer:

Sealed floor cleaning
A hard floor cleaning machine is used for scrubbing hard floors. There is a mash pad designed for the purpose, which removes the top layer of the sealant. A special cleaning solution is applied over the floor; whilst it settles it soaks up all accumulated dirt and grime. An extraction machine removes all dislodged unsanitary agents. A sealant is then sprayed so you can have a clean and protected floor.

Polished Floor Cleaning
This method is applicable for linoleum and vynil floors. After a through cleaning and mopping a stripping solution is applied to the floor. After about 15 minutes a rotary machine with mash pads is used to strip the polish. The old layer and dirt is thus removed after which the technician will apply a neutralizaer with a mop. A new layer of polish is applied at the final stage.

General Professional Cleaning
If you floor does not need recoating the technician will clean it thoroughly with the rotary machine to dislodge any grime and dirt.

Of course, if your floor doesn’t need recoating, then the technician can just clean it thoroughly. He will spray it with a cleaning solution that will dislodge any residing grime and clean it with the help of the rotary machine.

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